Best Place to Stay Near the Little Pigeon River

View of Willow Brook Lodge by the river in Pigeon Forge

Accommodations By Willow Brook Lodge is one of the few hotels that is settled right along The Little Pigeon River in Pigeon Forge.  While the hotel is located along the main Parkway, it’s indoor pool and South Lodge are quiet and relaxing along the river.  This makes Willow Brook Lodge one of the best places to stay near the Little Pigeon River.  The river is a must-visit spot for families looking to spend a little time in the great outdoors during their summer family vacation in Pigeon Forge.  But, what is even better is when you can walk right outside to your balcony and be overlooking the Little Pigeon River! In addition to its scenic natural beauty, you will find plenty of fun activities and things to do on the Little Pigeon River during your stay at Willow Brook Lodge. From fishing and swimming to relaxing and strolls along the Riverwalk, here are a few of our favorites!

About the Little Pigeon River

Located entirely in Sevier County, Tennessee, the Little Pigeon River flows along the borders between Tennessee and North Carolina within Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The river splits off into three separate tributaries. The East Prong runs parallel with State Route 416. The Middle Prong emerges in the Greenbrier area of the national park. And the West Prong runs through the Smoky Mountain towns of Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge.

Things to Do on the Little Pigeon River

1. Cool off by the River on the Willow Brook Lodge Relaxation River Deck

Picnic on the river in Pigeon Forge at Willow Brook Lodge


You may not even want to leave the hotel when staying at Willow Brook Lodge.  Cool off at our Indoor Pool Area, then walk outside and relax on our river deck to the soothing sounds of the river. For those with younger children or those just wanting to spend the day relaxing and taking in the beautiful views and scenery that flourishes in the Smoky Mountains, it’s the perfect way to get out and enjoy the great outdoors.


2. Fish for Wild Trout and Enjoy the Wildlife

River Wildlife in Pigeon Forge at Willow Brook Lodge


The river is known for its trout fishing streams.   If you have a valid fishing license, you can even fish from the banks of Willow Brook Lodge.  Anglers come from far and wide to fish for wild rainbow trout and the native brook trout typically found further upstream. You’ll find numerous access points for fishing the river. From spots along the Riverwalk Greenway in Pigeon Forge to trails along the highway as you follow the river upstream within the boundaries of Great Smoky Mountains National Park.


3. Visit the Old Mill


One of Pigeon Forge’s most historic and popular attractions, The Old Mill, lies along the West Prong of the Little Pigeon River. Visit the iconic gristmill that used to generate power for the entire city in the early 1900s. The mill continues to grind grain into flour for The Old Mill Restaurant and The Old Mill Pottery House Café & Grille to use in making baked goods and other products.


5. Stroll Along the Riverwalk

Riverwalk Greenway in Pigeon Forge by Willow Brook Lodge

The Riverwalk Greenway can be seen from the banks of Willow Brook Lodge.  You can easily access the Greenway by walking right across the river, or over a bridge next door.  The Riverwalk Greenway in Pigeon Forge is a peaceful, tree-lined greenway trail that runs parallel to the river. Enter at Patriot Park and run, walk or bike your way along the trail from Old Mill Avenue, past the LeConte Event Center, through The Island in Pigeon Forge, all the way to the Pigeon Forge Community Center. You’ll find plenty of benches along the trail to sit and relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery.





Best Place to Stay Near the Little Pigeon River

Well, we hope you know the answer by now.  It’s Willow Brook Lodge of course!  We can’t wait to serve you, and provide you with the best place to stay on the Little Pigeon River.